Treasure Diversity

Because it makes the team work

Find excellent players and let them play together

Make it fun, book a family experience for the team

What Martin Says

1. Every good conversation starts with listening

Rather than staying silent during conversations, the best listeners engage in two-way dialogue, making suggestions, asking questions, and acting as a sounding board for the other person. Good listeners pay attention to non-verbal cues and keep the focus on the other person.

2. Bring your heart to work

Care about others by focusing a good portion of your efforts on facilitating the continuous building of a enviably respectful, high-performing, and fulfilling company culture.

3. Understand what matters to others

Use the Predictive Index behavioral assessment. Not only will this help you understand other people's natural drives (which manifest as the behaviors you experience in the workplace), providing the team with a behavioral report will help build self-awareness of their strengths and caution areas.

4. Engage and develop the right people

Make sure you choose candidates who are an excellent fit for the position and help them succeed by offering relevant training and facilitating impactful collaboration.

5. Learn with each interaction and treasure diversity

No person exists that we can't learn from. Respect this. Support their critical work and stand resilient together.