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Together is how we get there.

What Martin Says 

is a freelance consulting firm for team work styles.


It helps people's productivity soar and the company's culture thrive.

Dear Silicon Valley Business Leaders,


It's very hard to make decisions in times of uncertainty when teams need real leadership. Crisis like Covid-19 can be our most trying times but we got through it and now it's time to rebuild the team's motivation and morale. I offer customizable solutions to teams of any size.


In your personalized demo you’ll learn more about the discipline of talent optimization. Think of talent optimization as a series of highly-effective interventions you can take to ensure an agile and resilient organization. I use the best talent optimization tools available to help organizations hire the right people, and inspire them to achieve maximum business results. 


Reach out for your personal talent optimization demo today, or try it for free as part of the team bonding experiences I offer via Capitola Garden Feast.

See you soon,

Martin Hoellrigl

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